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Just how do we put you first?

It starts with the way we handle the data you give us about your customers and their orders. We give you our competitive advantage - proprietary fulfillment software, built on the rock solid OracleTM relational database. This software allows us to manage your data with absolute accuracy while giving us the freedom to meet your unique needs as a WBSfulfillment client.


- We make receiving your data easy. WBS can receive your information in virtually any format, from hard copy to FTP downloads. We have it covered for you.


- WBS is looking out for your financial well-being by verifying each address (City, State and Zip), no matter what the source, to reduce reshipping costs, lost transit time and possible charge backs to your merchant account.


- From data management to customer service, we provide the staff and programming to get your orders in, deposit the funds into your accounts, get your products shipped and answer your customer's questions. That's the kind of support you and your customers need for your product fulfillment solution to truly be a solution.


- Information is an essential ingredient to your success. We'll work with you to create a custom batch of daily, weekly and monthly reports. These will provide you with the up-to-date information necessary to keep your business running smoothly.


- Best of all, these solutions are available to you at a cost that works within your budget. At WBSfulfillment we strive for operational and economic excellence - knowing that both are essential to your success.


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