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Main Services

Order, Payment and Data Processing

At WBS we excel in managing your data as well as your packages. Our proprietary software is designed specifically to do fulfillment in all its aspects. WBS can:

  • Download your order files from inbound and outbound telemarketers, web and FTP sites
  • Enter orders from hard copy
  • Check orders for duplication and City/State/Zip accuracy
  • Process checks and money orders
  • Process and deposit your customers' credit card payments directly to your merchant account utilizing programs like MAPP, PC TransactIt, PC Authorize
  • Handle all aspects of order processing and printing
  • Upload your completed order processing information
  • Develop customized data programming for your unique needs
  • Provide customized reports dealing with media effectiveness, inventory control, credit card deposits and refunds, inventory receipt notification, sales tax reports and others as determined by you

Customer Service

Let WBS be your personalized customer service center. We'll work with you to design customer service solutions to meet your specific goals that include:

  • Toll free telephone numbers
  • E-mail accounts
  • Inbound call staff trained per your specifications to provide courteous service for your customers' questions and concerns
  • Customer correspondence per your specifications of any nature including credit card decline letters

Distribution & Warehousing

At WBS we take pride in our organized facility, exceptional staff and quality packaging. You can rely on:

  • Accurate packaging of your product
  • Finishing of your packages, including insertion of fliers and catalogues
  • Expedient shipping within 24 hours of receiving your data
  • Safe & secure warehousing
  • Organized storage of all your inventory
  • Inspection of your inventory for accurate count and damages as it's received
  • Return handling per your specifications
  • Strong relationships with all major shippers, including an on site United States Postal Service (USPS) unit and system integration with both the USPS and the United Parcel Service (UPS).


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